CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulbs can last for about 6,000-15,000 hours, whereas regular (incandescent) bulbs last for about 750-1,000 hours. While CFL bulbs cost 3-10 times as much, their life is much longer, and they are more energy efficient.

Properly disposing of and recycling the CFC light bulbs is incredibly important, as they contain a small amount of mercury. If users dispose of these bulbs in the regular trash, more mercury will be added to the landfills and our water sources. According to The Boston Globe, the amount of mercury in one bulb can exceed the US guidelines for chronic exposure if not handled properly — so care must be taken when installing them.

These light bulbs are a great option, but only if we are responsible enough to dispose of them properly. The Home Depot has launched a program in all of their stores where you can bring in (unbroken) CFL bulbs to be recycled.