According to Care2.comIf every household in the United States replaced one roll of virgin-fiber paper towels with 100 percent recycled paper towels, we could save 1.4 million trees. If every household in the United States replaced just one package of virgin fiber napkins with 100 percent recycled ones, we could save 1 million trees.

What if we didn’t use any paper that was meant to be thrown away? Recycled paper towels and napkins seem like a great solution, but they really don’t work very well  — have you tried them?

Try using cloth to dry your hands (come on, you’ll never get them completely germ free, anyway), wipe down the counter, bathrooms, and tables. Just make sure you have designated ones for each area — you won’t want to dry your hands with something that has been used to wipe down the kitchen counter. Cloth napkins are also a great idea, since they can be used so many times! How many people throw away the paper napkins that they place at their kitchen tables as they go to eat, even if they never used them? Cloth napkins can be re-used if they aren’t dirty, and they won’t be mistaken for trash. Paper napkins fall apart and don’t do a great job when your hands are too sticky or dirty for the thin paper.

You’ll have to do laundry anyway, so toss them all in!